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Friday, September 11, 2009

NFL Predictions 2009; Picks for the Week

It’s been a struggle to get back into a blogging mood while dealing with a computer I should have replaced years ago and attempting to decide what I want to do now that I’m done with my previous contract as a writer for a non-profit. But there’s nothing like a football Friday to kick things into gear.

Everybody has predictions this time of year that will be worthless before the first ACL of a superstar player on their Super Bowl pick snaps. Mine will likely be no different, but since we live in a world where doing something because everybody else is doing it has become a perfectly logical reason, I’ll offer my own predictions.

Just to be a little, and I do mean a little, different, I’ll pick the San Diego Chargers to beat the New York Giants in the Super Bowl. I’d like to claim that this is based on in-depth analysis, but it’s not. I just think the Chargers have a pretty easy schedule, which will keep them fresher than New England for the AFC Championship and give them the home field. Plus, since Bill Belichick can’t cheat any more – I’m assuming – the Patriot’s dynasty appears to be over. As for the Giants, they’re just sort of the best of the worst. No team really stands out for me in the NFC. I could actually see the Falcons making a run as easy as any other team.

The Eagles. I really do wish the Eagles excited me more. They look like they have some incredible offensive weapons, but when they’re bringing in Jon Runyan for a workout on September 3 because Shawn Andrews can’t get on the field, I don’t see how those weapons will matter. If the offensive line does come together, I could see the Eagles reaching the Super Bowl. But I think the decade of evidence shows that even if the line does play well, Donovan McNabb will find a way not to guide the team to victory at the most crucial of times and then blame someone else. He always has before.

A quick look at the schedule and I see a Rich Kotite season – 8-8 is great. They have a stretch of games against the Giants, Cowboys, at SD, and at Chicago. That could be 4 straight losses. Later they play at the Giants, and the Cowboys and Denver at home (not in a row). That’s 7 games they could easily lose. Throw in the annual seemingly obvious win that they choke up, and their opening day disappointments, and I’m seeing an 8-8 record. I’m not saying they lose all of these games, I’m just giving my basis for the prediction.

This week. I’m no Brandon Lang, and I’ll leave it up to the reader to decide if that’s a positive or a negative. But if you live near Delaware or Las Vegas – because we all know that’s the only place that gambling on football will be taking place this weekend – here are my picks: ND-3; USC-7; Car+2.5; SD-9. I hate to go as high as 9 for an NFL game, but Oakland just doesn’t scare anyone. I actually like my college picks more than the pro games. As Jody McDonald says or used to say, you get what you pay for, and how much did you pay for these picks?

‘preciated it. As a sidebar, I just wanted to add my voice to those who will miss Jody Mac on ESPN 950. I was shocked when I heard the news that he wasn’t being retained, but that’s only because I’m always shocked when I hear someone is leaving a place. I don’t know why, it’s been a regular part of my life. ESPN 950 appears to be attempting to bond with the hip-hop mother ship in Connecticut, and thoughtful analysis really doesn’t fit in well with that. Hopefully, McDonald returns to the free Philadelphia airwaves soon.

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