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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kolb, Phillies, and other thoughts

Too distracted to blog much in the last week, I deprived the blogosphere of my thoughts on the hot sports issues and my picks of the week. I could pull a Brandon Lang and write about going 8-2 over the weekend, but based on passed performance even I’d think people were stupid for believing that. However, since I was far more successful keeping my picks to myself, I may just tank the whole idea of publishing picks. But my sports commentary persists. Here’s a little rapid fire catching up:

• Like it or not, Kevin Kolb runs Andy Reid’s offense better than Donovan McNabb. Devotees of McNabb can whine all they want, but what they should really do is actually pay attention. McNabb was never suited for this offense. No doubt Kolb’s numbers were inflated by Kansas City’s putrid defense and a prevent “D” in a blowout loss to New Orleans. But the media members reaching back more than a decade to reference Bobby Hoying need to get a grip. Bottom line, this team can make one more Super Bowl “run” with McNabb that is destined to come up short, or get started on the future now. Of course Reid is already protecting McNabb’s soft psyche by saying he expects the quarterback to start after the bye. Great, let’s run an already brittle McNabb out there before he’s fully healthy so fans won’t fall more in love with Kolb.
• Cool stat, courtesy of former ESPN 950 talk show host Jamie Yannacone via Facebook: according to the Elias Sports Bureau, Kolb is the first quarterback in NFL history to pass for at least 300 yards in his first two starts.
• Michael Vick has to be kidding. He’s already making noise about playing quarterback?
• DeSean Jackson . . . I don’t really have anything to say about him, but it sure is good to have a very, very good and potentially great receiver on the Eagles, no?
• I temporarily lost interest in the Phillies assuming they had wrapped up the division. With 6 games to play, their “magic number” is still 3. Uhmmm . . .
• More worrisome may be that while patience has paid off with Cole Hamels, it clearly has not with Brad Lidge. Closer-by-committee is annoying as hell to watch, but I think it’s the only chance the Phillies have of repeating. That, and some other team upsetting the Yankees and the Angels. But mostly the Yankees.
• I think the Sixers open training camp soon. Like maybe today. I used to read articles on their summer league team and I care less and less about this team.
• I was excited as hell watching Monday Night Football last night. It reminded me that the Dallas Cowboys still have Wade Phillips as their head coach and think Tony Romo is a good quarterback.
• I rip ESPN a lot because they deserve it, but kudos to Mike Greenberg for his tirade over Washington Redskins rookie Robert Henson calling fans “dim wits” on Twitter. The guy apparently plays special teams on the Redskins, a team that is now the first to lose to Detroit in more than a full calendar year. The genius later quit Twitter. No doubt that will make him less stupid.
• Greenberg returned to form this morning, treating ESPN’s signing of yet another studio analyst for the baseball playoffs as major news. I actually heard the frequently geeky Greenberg refer to seeing Bobby Valentine’s press conference. Whether this was to announce the ESPN deal or tied to Valentine leaving his managerial duties . . . in Japan, which intrigued the hell out of Greenberg . . . it’s obvious the concept of calling a press conference to announce something important has been lost.

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