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Friday, September 18, 2009

Eagles Seeking Controversy; Week 2 Picks

It’s only Week #2 and the Philadelphia Eagles were forced to bring in Jeff Garcia and release Hank Baskett because once again Andy Reid has demonstrated his total inability to prepare for a season. For a guy that was hired because of his attention to detail, Reid constantly demonstrates that he’s incapable of adjusting when his plans fail.

How the hell do you go into a season without a backup quarterback on your roster in the event that your injury-prone starting quarterback is injured Week #1? It’s not like Donovan McNabb is known for his durability.

This is 10 times worse than getting caught without a punt returner a few years ago. The only difference is that the oversight didn’t directly cost the Eagles a game . . . yet.

The fact that they brought Garcia back is almost laughable, not because of Garcia’s talent but it’s almost like the organization is inviting a controversy. They jettisoned this guy a few years ago after he revived an Eagles season after McNabb went down because McNabb couldn’t handle having him as a backup. Garcia has been in town for two practices after he was cut by the Oakland Raiders, and fans are already clamoring for him to play this week.

I’m not even ripping the move. In fact, I like most of what they’ve done this week. I feel bad ripping Shawn Andrews because he could be suffering from more than physical injuries, but it was time to move on. Demoting his brother, Stacy, was a bit classless, but it was stupid to bring him in to hold Shawn’s hand anyway. Even releasing Hank Baskett to get Michael Vick on the roster so he can practice made some good sense. I also feel like the only guy in Philadelphia ok with the idea of playing Kevin Kolb. I’m not saying he’s good or bad, I’m saying it’s time to find out what he is.

In fact, I’d be more interested to see Kolb installed as the starter for the next month than seeing Garcia keep the team afloat until McNabb returns. I just don’t see McNabb ever winning a Super Bowl, so I’d rather just finally move on from the McNabb era.

All of that said, I think this sets up terribly for the Eagles. If they have a quick hook for Kolb on Sunday, and Garcia comes in to lead the team to victory, we all know where this is headed. Even if Kolb plays the whole game and they lose, fans will be calling for Garcia. If Kolb looks good, it still causes problems.

Normally, I would say, “Who cares?” But McNabb has proven that he is too sensitive to handle a good backup quarterback on roster. This is the same guy that gave the throat slash sign minutes into the Vick package of plays during an exhibition game because McNabb was playing poorly. Reid has proven he will go back to McNabb almost regardless of how well a backup plays.

It’s likely to get ugly. It usually does with this team.

Picks. God help anybody taking my picks after an 0-for-3 last week. This week I like the Patriots -3, Steelers -3, and Dallas -3. In college I’ll take Notre Dame -10, despite last week’s choke, and USC -19.5. I wouldn’t touch the Eagles game, but I’m actually thinking they win.

Quick thoughts.
-Michael Crabtree remains unsigned. Dope.
-I turn on ESPN 950 Monday morning to hear Erik Kuselias, one of the worst guys on the air, talking about Brett Favre being the standout of the week. Favre threw for 110 yards and a TD against Cleveland. That’s the Cleveland Browns. Anyone that can explain why ESPN has any credibility, please make use of the comments section.
-I realize this makes too much sense, but the drama of the baseball season has been over for weeks. Start the playoffs this week and do something crazy: Have the playoffs in baseball weather!
-Delonte West was arrested after he was pulled over for cutting off a police car (that part is per Mike Missanelli) on a motorcycle and found in position of two hand guns and a shot gun. Allegedly. Dope #2 – not allegedly.

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