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Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday Split

It probably worked out ok, it just doesn’t feel that way. The Eagles won on Sunday, the Phillies lost. The Birds may have actually needed the win more than the Phils, but somehow I’m feeling the loss more than the win.

Too much time in Negadelphia? Maybe. Transferring my annoyance as my sports “entertainment” site finds ways not to pay, but is eager to allow me to continue playing? Probably. (But somehow America is safer.)

Did the Eagles truly salvage anything by beating San Francisco? Defensively they were gashed for a 101 yards by a so-so running back in Frank Gore. They gave up 199 yards passing to first-year starter J.T. O’Sullivan, whose two picks led directly to 10 points.

The Eagles were actually down 26-17 going into the fourth quarter. But a win is a win, especially when two of the division rivals lose and it’s a road game. Donovan McNabb passed for 280 yards and two TDs with his top weapons watching the game; his one interception late in the third period could have been disastrous, but the defense rose up to keep the 49ers to minus 2 yards of offense in the fourth quarter. Even then it took a Juqua Parker 55-yard interception return for a touchdown to seal the deal, 40-26.

About an hour after the Eagles game the Phillies got underway, also in California. About an hour and, say, 20 minutes after the Eagles game, the Phillies were basically done. Jamie Moyer was rocked for the second straight game he pitched, giving up 6 runs in one-and-a-third inning. Jimmy Rollins went 0 for 4 and looked fairly disinterested. Utley reverted to playoff form with just one hit, and Ryan Howard’s 2 for 4 qualified as a hopeful night.

I didn’t expect a sweep, but I did think this series was pretty much over at 2-0. Last night was ugly enough that I’m a bit concerned, but not too much. That said, Derek Lowe against Joe Blanton in tonight’s potentially pivotal game is not the best match up for the Phillies. I’m fine with Blanton, but it means Cole Hamels goes in Game 5 with no chance of pitching in Game 7. Tomorrow’s off day in L.A. and travel day on Thursday is allowing the Dodgers to potentially pitch their ace, Lowe, three times – including Game 7. The Phillies would likely pitch Moyer or Blanton. Something about leaving it in the locker room comes to mind.

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