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Monday, October 27, 2008

Legendary Weekend Leaves Phillies One Game Away from Championship

The Phillies capped a weekend that will go down in Philadelphia sports lore by reaching the brink of winning the World Series.

In one day Philadelphia saw 3 wins (Eagles & Phillies), 2 World Series wins, Joe Blanton pitch 6 solid innings and smack a home run, Jamie Moyer start a rain delayed game after climbing out of his sick bed to pitch his first World Series game in a 20+ year career (after being hit hard in his two playoff starts) and throw a great game that ended well past midnight on Saturday, Ryan Howard hit two home runs in one World Series game (3 in 2 games)…

Am I missing anything?

Oh, yeah, Chase Utley and Howard hit back-to-back home runs (not that Comcast customers in my area saw it), the Flyers even won a game this weekend, and the Eagles won their 500th game. Brian Westbrook rushed for over 167 yards and 2 TDs after missing 2 of the last 3 games with injury. And, oh, by the way, Penn State kept hopes of a national championship alive by beating Ohio State for the first time in years. A year from now . . . maybe hours from now . . . people who were no where near Philadelphia will be claiming to have “been there” for both the Phillies and the Eagles game.

Of course, it’s all about the Phillies right now. After a 91 minute rain delay on Saturday night, the Phillies won in the bottom of the ninth at 1:47 on Sunday morning after Erik Bruntlett circled the bases in one of the most unlikely ways imaginable. Hit by a pitch, he stole second on a wild pitch, and went to third on an errant throw to second. (Ironically, Tampa Bay had tied the game with an infield hit by BJ Upton, proceeded by him stealing second and third, and scoring on an errant throw to third.)

After the Rays walked the bases loaded, a Carlos Ruiz dribbler down the third base line and another errant throw home brought Bruntlett home for the win.

Sunday night the bats came alive as the Phillies used the long ball, hitting 4 home runs, to win in a bit of a laugher, 10-2.

Jimmy Rollins started the Series 0 for 10. This weekend he went 5 for 9 Saturday and Sunday.

Yep, there are plenty of pathetic hitting stats for the Phillies, including a mountain of runners left in scoring position.

But tonight, Philadelphia got to ignore the babble about Joe the Plumber because we got Joe the Pitcher!

The Phillies are one game away from ending the championship drought in Philadelphia, up 3-1 on the Rays. Cole Hamels is on the mound for Game 5.

The clouds are gathering, Philadelphia.

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