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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Eagles Edged By Cowboys

Player of the Week

DeSean Jackson
Back-to-back 100-yard receiving games

It's tough to give Jackson Philly Store Player of the Game to DeSean Jackson after his boneheaded play on a guaranteed touchdown in which he dropped the ball in celebration before crossing the goal line. But he already looks like the best receiver on the Birds in only his second game. That said, he only gets one free pass on being a dope, and that's only because the Eagles punched it in on the next play.

Donovan McNabb probably deserved some consideration, but I figure his dumb play actually cost the Eagles something . . . like the game. Driving the Eagles late in the game deep in Dallas territory, he fumbling a hand-off to Westbrook. Sure, every quarterback makes mistakes, but this wasn't a physical error or misread. He simply froze. It looked they had a receiver running like it was an end-around, and it looked like he was going to fake the hand-off and go with the end-around and realized he was actually supposed to hand it off. Umm, shouldn't the quarterback know the play? This is what drives fans crazy.

Some thoughts on my trip to Texas Stadium:

* What a dump! Seriously, I was expecting to be really impressed, and it doesn't even look like a professional stadium from the highway. What took Jerry Jones so long to replace that thing?

* I was mildly impressed that there was an entire lot for parking for people with wheelchairs. That was until our trunk was checked at least three times for a wheelchair, and one absolutely brilliant cop asked (after we explained I lived in Philadelphia) why I hadn't brought my handicapped parking placard. Duh...let me take my license plate off my car in the event there is a lot at the game for wheelchair users so that I can prove I have a disability. Clearly, my obvious cerebral palsy wouldn't suffice. How dumb of me, ma'am.

* Don't ever, and I mean EVER, let Cowboy fans from Philly (aka
front-runners) tell you the Eagles aren't their real rival. They had the Eagles Suck chant going hours before the game, T-shirts just for that game, and seemed pretty ticked so many Eagles fans had made the trek.

* I do have to give Cowboy fans credit -- they showed a bit more class than Birds fans tend to show fans of the opponent. Sure some genius enjoyed screaming "What happened?" at me from about 20 rows away as the crowd thinned out. scored more points. But for the most part it was good-natured. I'll admit I may have gotten off a tad easy being in a wheelchair.

* I was surprised that they are just as negative on talk radio as Philly. You would think they never won anything.

Got a better Player of the Week or thoughts on the game? Post it in the comments section!

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