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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Eagles Destroy Rams, 38-3!

Players of the Week

The clicker got a workout as I tried to follow the Phillies and the Eagles game. But I think the inaugural Philly Store Players of the Week were fairly easy to pick:

Donovan McNabb
21-33, 361 passing yds.
3 TDs

Finally injury free, he's back to Pro Bowl form? I'm not ready to buy that yet, and I'll admit I was one of those fans that was ready to run him out of town. But he's definitely in any player of the week discussion after Week 1.

DeSean Jackson
106 yds. receiving, 97 return yds.

So maybe the offense isn't so complicated if you have some talent? I was ready to give it to him after his first catch. He's already the best receiver drafted by this regime.

Brian Westbrook
91 yds. rushing

This one may be a little iffy, but I still think he makes the offense go.

Got a better Player of the Week or thoughts on the game? Post it in the comments section!

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