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Friday, January 12, 2007


Despite blogging more, I haven’t had the chance to comment on everything I wanted to since the new year began. So, knowing Philly sports fans are waiting for my views . . . ok maybe not . . . on everything from Saturday’s Eagles game to the Sixers giving C-Webb the boot, here’s a week-or-so-in-review:

· It’s almost as if the Eagles were meant to play New Orleans in their first playoff game since Hurricane Katrina. The media is just dying to play up the Saints as the beacon of hope as New Orleans recovers, seemingly everyone is rooting for them, and here comes the team from the favorite city to vilify. The Saints lost 2 of 3 to end the season, the Birds gave away the first match-up, and I think Garcia’s maturity will help the team overcome the initial emotion behind Katrina. Lito Sheppard being out concerns me, but Joe Horn’s questionable and Donte’ Stallworth will be playing this time around. Just a gut feel, but I think the Eagles take it.

· Larry Brown is back with the Sixers, and roster turnover has already started. I’m still wondering why Billy King still has a job, but at least the purging has begun. Now, as long as they boot Larry after they get good so the roster might actually have a chance to grow together, great. Hey, maybe that’s why king still has a job.

· Barry Bonds failed a drug test. Shocked? Stephen A. Smith actually claimed the story broke to divert attention from Mark McGuire rightfully being denied induction into the Hall of Fame. (The implication was that the press wanted the negative story about the white steroid phony replaced by the black one.) Shocked yet? Neither am I.

· Did Chris Webber actually say he was “all about winning” after being waived by the Sixers? Look, I think Webber actually showed some class agreeing to a buyout that basically cost him $5 million. Most guys would’ve just milked it. But Webber’s never won in the NBA and coughed up an NCAA title shot with his infamous phantom timeout.

· Everybody that whined about Nick Saban bolting the Miami Dolphins for Alabama needs to get a grip. Despite claims that he left for less money, he clearly felt it was a better job and took it . . . just like anybody would have.

· If Notre Dame is ranked in the preseason polls next summer after being pounded 41-14 by LSU, losing its ninth straight bowl game, debate over a college football playoff system may as well be called to a halt. They got trounced by every good team they played in the 2006 season.

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