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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

NFC East Title Not What It Used to Be

I’d like to say New Year’s Eve festivities are the reason it’s taken this long to write about the Eagles winning the NFC East. Unfortunately, apathy has a lot more to do with it, and that’s coming from a guy who thinks the Birds have a decent shot at making the Super Bowl.

I actually predicted the Eagles would go 10-6, but never thought they’d have to win their last 5 to do it. Normally, a five-game win streak would have this town in a frenzy. Instead, we are cautiously looking at a game against the divisional rival Giants, who seem to be a lot more talented than their 2-6 finish and have the added incentive of staving off Tiki Barber’s retirement. The fact that Barber has been an Eagle killer in the past and the Birds’ run defense has been shaky this season doesn’t help either.

It’s fair to wonder what winning the division got the Eagles. Playing a team from our own division in the first round seems a bit ludicrous. Then again three teams from a division that was won with a 10-6 record, especially when the 10th win became meaningless just after kick-off, making the playoff causes such insanity.

Of course, part of the apathy comes from the fact that fans have been down this road many times before with the Eagles. In fact, we’ve been down this road with teams that made the one-and-done possibilities seem a hell of a lot more laughable than they are at the moment.

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