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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Don't Crown Manning Just Yet

There seems to be an undercurrent around the Super Bowl that the Colts are going to crush the Bears. Maybe it’s just an assumption on my part, but I don’t think so. As Super Bowl hype gets fired up next week, I expect every journalist in the world to scoff at the thought of an upset by the Bears, which will be strongly based on comparison’s between Peyton Manning and Rex Grossman.

After all, one quarterback had a passer rating almost 10 points higher than the other in the playoffs, along with just 1 interception compared to the other guy’s 6.

Problem is, the other guy is Manning.

Granted, the rest of the stats favor Manning, but he also had a pass-first offense. The Bears defense can dominate a game, they have a strong run game going against a suspect Colt defense, and Andy Reid doesn’t call their plays.

No prediction yet, but I’m not convinced this coming week should be treated like a Manning coronation.

Week in Review:
· It seems to be accepted that the Eagles plan to do very little this off-season, yet there’s little outrage. The logic this team seems to employ is absurd. Last year they said how important it was to have a veteran to back-up Donovan McNabb. The season bore them out perfectly, yet they seem intent on letting Jeff Garcia walk away. They traded for Donte' Stallworth late in the summer after finally realizing their receivers sucked. Stallworth seems to fit the Eagles profile of the perfect player – very good, though not great, and says little – yet reports are he’s as good as gone. But they have signed a punter from Australia, so I guess we should all relax. Maybe Jeff Lurie will tell us more about the “gold standard of the NFL” in July.
· I know this isn’t new, but Bob Clarke is now an advisor for the Flyers. This is a guy that fired Ken Hitchcock, then resigned as general manager because he couldn’t do the job any more. Hitchcock was hired within weeks by another team, and the Flyers still suck with the players Clark obtained, yet Ed Snider rehired Clarke. This is the same Ed Snider that forced Pat Croce out the door for turning the Sixers around, yet refuses to fire Billy King for driving them into the ground. It’s time for Ed to go to the home.
· Media members couldn’t wait to rip for erroneous reports that Terry Bradshaw had died. Their smug feeling of superiority was palpable as they proclaimed how the site’s editor failed to check and re-check his story. There was just one problem: the guy makes no claim to be a reporter and openly admits he’s reporting rumors.
· The Sixers have actually won a few games lately, and with the ridiculous ratio of road games in the first half of the season about to swing the other way, winning the Greg Oden lottery is getting iffy.

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