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Thursday, December 28, 2006

McNabb Defended . . . by Mommy

Yesterday, Donovan McNabb’s mother posted the following on her blog on the quarterback’s “official” website:

The win this week was great and I could actually say that's what I wanted for Christmas. Yes, now we have solidly beat the Cowboys with my son and without him. But I can hear you asking, mama McNabb what are you really thinking? Well here it is, the real deal. It's kind of bitter sweet for me as my son, the quarterback sits out on injured reserved watching the game during his rehab. I polled my family too and they feel the same. We want our team to win and even go to the Superbowl and win it in Miami especially if they continue to play as they have. But oh oh, if they win the Superbowl without my son, what would be the real outcome with the fans? Will they crucify him? Maybe, then the trade talks would begin. Off season madness, worse than last year's fiasco. But guess what, I guess I'll have to take the beating if it comes. I would have to hope that scenario of the madness would not happen or be that bad. Well let's wait and see. Bitter sweet.

There are so many things wrong with this (besides the writing) it’s not even funny. I don’t want to end my year by ripping an older woman, but someone needs to get to her and tell her to shut up — like her son who plays quarterback in the National Football League.

I understand that Wilma McNabb and her family do plenty of charitable work, and that’s to be applauded. Even if she didn’t, she has every right to say whatever she wants. But the bottom line is that words like these will reflect on Donovan. In fact, this post says more about her son than herself.

If there was any doubt left about Donovan’s lack of mental toughness, “Mamma McNabb” just erased it. A 5-year-old boy (and, these days, girl) doesn’t want mommy defending him on the playground. The fact that a grown man — in a profession that values machismo as much if not more than any other — is apparently ok with his mother defending him is a joke.

This post was dated yesterday, and it’s still online as I type. Again, it’s on the quarterback’s official site, and therefore is clearly endorsed by the man. You can’t even get him off the hook by suggesting he’s not aware of it — I found it after hearing about it on the news. The fact that the post, if not the entire blog, hasn’t been ripped off the site tells you all you need to know about Donovan as a quarterback and team leader.

He’s just not tough enough.

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