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Monday, November 27, 2006

Parity Sucks

Some random thoughts since last time:

· Dallas beat the Colts? Washington beat Carolina? Tennessee beat the Giants? Parity just sucks. I know, people have been saying that for years, but I think I finally get why. Sure, everybody hates dynasties outside of their city. But hating the Cowboys was a lot more fun than not giving a damn about them. There aren’t even true upsets any more; fans just sort of roll their eyes when seemingly good teams lose to dogs.

· Donovan McNabb is out possibly until into next season. If the Eagles weren’t so clueless, it would be a perfect opportunity to hasten the future. The Eagles got crushed tonight, and it’s still obvious Jeff Garcia is more suited for the west coast offense than McNabb. Trade McNabb, start A.J. Feeley (Garcia’s not the future, he’s just too old) to see if he can truly start, and draft a young, non-running, franchise quarterback. (By the way, when the hell was the last time they did that?) Hey, even Sal Paolantonio thinks the Eagles are afraid to start Feeley for fear he might challenge McNabb. If McNabb’s psyche is that fragile, and it is, he’ll never win it all.

· The Eagles won two weeks ago by running the ball and letting Marty Mornhinweg call the plays. And Reid followed that by taking back play calling, and passing the ball more than ever, even after McNabb went out, and getting thumped by Tennessee. That just makes no sense.

· At this moment, the Sixers are 5-8 . . . and a half game out of first place in the Atlantic Division. I repeat, parody sucks.

· It’s the end of Thanksgiving weekend, and the Phillies are Philadelphia’s next hope for excitement.

· The Eagles sucked before McNabb got hurt; how does “flex scheduling” put them on Sunday Night Football?

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