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Friday, July 28, 2006

King Makes Another Blunder

Philadelphia 76ers general manager Billy King essentially announced this week that Allen Iverson would not be traded. Anyone else wondering what the point was?

It’s not even August yet. Does Billy need a vacation or something? If this is anything but a ploy to get better offers, it’s idiotic. I have no problem with not trading Iverson if there’s no deal to be made. But for the same guy who ranted about changing the culture of his sub-.500, non-playoff team to announce less three weeks into the part of the off-season in which trades can be made that he’s taking his best player off the trading block is ridiculous.

Why say anything? It’s not as though King actually said Iverson would be traded. And to suggest that the team would ignore a great offer tomorrow simply because you announced you weren’t trading Iverson is, I hope, even more ridiculous.

By the way, it’s not as though King has been tied up with all of the other moves he’s made this off-season. He drafted three players, two of which he had to pick simply because it was his turn, and one that was so inconsequential the other team gave the pick away for cash. He also re-signed restricted free agents Willie Green (hurt, and wasn’t sought after) and Shavlic Randolph (not hurt and wasn’t sought after).

But, I forgot, King had a really good conversation with Iverson. This has become an annual event, along with Iverson proclaiming his desire to be a career Sixer. I’m so sick of Iverson feeding Stephen A. Smith “off the record” stuff about how he wants out, then playing the hurt puppy in some press conference during the summer because of the trade rumors.

I loved watching Iverson for years. He’s a great player. He’s also a bad influence on younger players — yep, we’re talking about practice — and won’t want to be here by Christmas (according to Stephen A., of course).

It’s time to move on, and if King can’t make it happen, he should move on, too.

Week in Review
· The Eagles obviously need wide outs; two at least recognizable names have demanded trades — Ashley Lelie and Jerry Porter. The Birds claim to be the best at managing the cap, poised for acquisitions just like this. So?
· LeCharles Bentley, the guy who was all but signed then rebuffed the Birds, is out for the season with an injury. I know what you’re thinking . . .
· How does another American win the Tour de France, AND get accused of doping? Haven’t we seen this movie? Either our cyclist are unbelievably dumb, or the rest of the world is really pissed (no pun intended) that we keep kicking their ass at a sport we don’t care about. God help the U.S. soccer team if they ever win the World Cup.

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