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Friday, February 3, 2006

Super Bowl Pick

The last pick of the football season is upon us, and I haven’t wavered in my thinking for 2 weeks. So, I’ll either look like a genius or an idiot, but at least I’ll be doing it with gusto. Despite an above .500 record on this site, I’ll be looking to . . . well, let’s just say, get to .500 in other ways.

I think Seattle wins the Super Bowl outright. Everyone’s hyped about this so-called historic playoff run by the Pittsburgh Steelers, but I just don’t see it. The Steelers beat Cincinnati, which was forced to play without their starting quarterback after their first passing play. I’m not saying the Steelers took a cheap shot; it’s just a fact that the Bengals were without Carson Palmer.

Then what? The Steelers went to Indianapolis to help Peyton Manning solidify his status as a hall of fame choker (and still should’ve lost). Finally, they went to Denver, and revealed Jake Plummer as the fraud he’s always been.

No, Seattle didn’t really beat anyone in the playoffs either. But they’ve been winning all year. Shaun Alexander looks like the real thing, and I think Matt Hasselbeck will be the next cover boy of the west coast offense fan club.

For entertainment purposes only (of course) take Seattle on the money line.

McNabb Finally Fires Back. Donovan McNabb finally fired back at psychotic-but-talented wide receiver Terrell Owens, who criticized the quarterback all season as part of a bizarre attempt to get a new contract. Ironically (sense the sarcasm) the same media that wanted McNabb to fire back during the season is now ripping him as a whiner.


If the media didn’t want this to happen, they wouldn’t have been asking the questions. The fact that McNabb’s reply supposedly didn’t fit their schedule is a pathetic excuse to rip him. Besides, it does fit their schedule. Now they get a whole extra storyline to write about — how McNabb waited too long or wants to upstage the Super Bowl.

Who cares? We really needed one more story about Jerome Bettis playing in the Super Bowl in his hometown? Besides, maybe McNabb had better things to worry about — like his injury or not adding to the circus that was the Eagles season.

I don’t know whether McNabb was right to use the phrase “black on black crime.” I’m not black, so I don’t think I get a vote. The phrase itself annoys me — you never hear about “white on white crime.” The idea seems to be that the concept of blacks committing crimes against other blacks is more offensive than if a person of another race were the victim, which is racist as hell. But, that’s a whole other post.

Regardless, McNabb had every right to fire back at Owens, this week or any other.

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