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Friday, December 16, 2005

Xmas Wish List

Dear Santa:

The Philadelphia sports scene is in a funk over the Eagles pathetic excuse for a season. The Sixers are on a winning streak, and while tonight’s game against the Heat will draw attention, the Wachovia Center is half empty on most game nights. No one ever cares about the Flyers til the playoffs. The Phillies could be fun, but they’re still months away from playing.

So, Santa, here’s what I want for Christmas as a Philadelphia sports fan:
· A number one receiver. Since this is apparently a confusing subject in Philly, let me explain — a receiver who can create separation, isn’t afraid to go over the middle, can catch, won’t find the “west coast offense” akin to physics, and, by the way, is mentally stable.
· A post-up presence. I’m not asking for Moses Malone — just a guy who can catch the ball on the block and have a chance to score.
· A therapist to help Andy Reid over his fear of running the ball.
· Leaders of the NAACP with better things to do than make assinine statements about football players.
· A stable Flyers roster.
· A media that understands that every idiotic thing Terrell Owens says isn’t news.
· An Eagle with the stones to have put T.O. in his place.
· A bullpen.
· A legit #1 pitcher.

Picks. Ok, the parlay thing was dumb as far as figuring out my record. KC pushed, and I was surprised to learn that in at least one case it would get lopped off the parlay (I thought I'd lose) — if these picks weren’t for entertainment only. Taking just the games, I went 2-0-1 and now sit at 19-14-2.

This week I’m picking Minn +3 vs. PIT, SEA –7 at TENN, CIN –7.5 at DET, and DAL +2.5 at WAS.

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