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Monday, October 24, 2005

Andy Reid: GM or Head Coach?

It may be impossible to add anything to the thoughts everyone else has offered all day and night about the Birds’ “win” yesterday. I, too, would like to know what the hell is going on in Andy Reid’s head. I said weeks ago that his status as genius was in serious jeopardy. Now, I’m curious about his status as intelligent human being.

The next analyst that says “this is just what Andy Reid does” should be fired on the spot. I don’t give a damn that Reid likes to throw the ball. Running the ball 10 times — 10! — in an entire football game is idiotic. Doing it with a quarterback that looks like he’s going to collapse in pain because he has an injury that makes throwing difficult is Kotitesque.

Is this on?

I’m at the point where I seriously question whether or not Reid the GM is calling the plays. The Birds have the big, cohesive offensive line we hungered for years ago. We have a running back in Brian Westbrook who proved he’s one of the best in the league last year. Donovan McNabb is obviously hurt to the point where the thing that made him such a threat — his ability to run — is gone.

But Andy doesn’t like to run. Huh?

Reid didn’t become an idiot overnight. He is completely on board with Joe Banner’s concept of managing the salary cap — the team closest to the salary floor wins. A bad year for Westbrook in a contract makes it easier to resign him.

I’m not making any accusations, but I am asking the question: Is our head coach or GM calling the plays? “Andy doesn’t like to run” doesn’t cut it as an answer any more.

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