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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Week 1 After thoughts

The Eagles obviously looked like drek on offense last night. Here's some thoughts maybe you won't get everywhere else:

· Reid's creative, "gambler" side disappears when it's needed most. Last night was the perfect time to try to jump start the offense with a trick play, and instead we got more off-tackle runs (yet still not enough runs) than we've seen since Ray Rhodes.

· McNabb gets hit early, and NEVER runs. It's officially a pattern.
· Reggie Brown? Billy McMullen? Throw them the damn ball!
· Did T.O. dog it on the INT that was thrown to him?

Here's a few you will get everywhere else:

· Trotter should be fined for being dumb; Mathis (Atlanta's back-up CB who got tossed with Trotter) deserved a game ball.
· Are the Eagles capable of a two-minute drill?
· Think maybe T.O. and McNabb need to talk, now?

Gargano still sucking. Ike Reese after the game? Why the hell does WIP allow that jackass Gargano to have an "interview" with Reese the morning after the game? It was a classic example of this bum thinking he's got some great scoop or exclusive interview, when all he has is a lipful of some two-bit player's ass.

In thirteen days, we no longer need to suffer this moron. Tony Bruno will be on 9-12 in the morning on WPEN, and if you're desparate for sports talk before that cronie-lovin', meatball is off, you got Jim Rome until Howard or Jody Mac come on.

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