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Friday, September 9, 2005

NFL Season and Week 1 Predictions

Predictions are meaningless, but fun. After dabbling with some "point spread fun" last year, I really didn't think I was any worse than the guys that get paid to pick games, so I decided to post a few in this blog and have some fun. I’m actually getting a few hits on this thing, so if anybody's out there a) feel free to post your own in the comments or on the message board, b) remember I'm just some guy picking games for fun, and c) as Jody Mac says, "You get what you pay for . . . and how much did you pay for this?" That's right: nothing.

FOR THE RECORD: I usually look for one game a week that looks easy, and know nothing more, and likely less, than anyone interested enough to read this. I also do not advocate betting, nor suggest I'll be betting. Enough CYA, eh?

· Eagles –1: My dad always said don't bet with your heart, and I love the Birds. I picked them twice last year, and gave them 2 of their 3 Ls. But, I just think the Falcons are completely overrated, and the Eagles crush 'em.
· Notre Dame +7: My favorite college team is ND's OPPONENT. I can't stand Domers, the ND propaganda, that damn movie Rudy, or anything else ND related. I also know squatta about college football. But, after seeing ND last week, I'm taking a shot.

· Eagles Season: I don't think you can look at any opponent as of today, and think the Eagles lose. But, I think all the T.O. and now Westbrook crap costs them one, they choke on one, and lose either Christmas Eve or New Year's Day. I predict 13-3.
· Super Bowl: Who will beat the Pats? Nobody. Pats win again.

The Week in Review:
· Jim Thome sounded like such a company man on the Phils' game broadcast earlier this week, it was disgusting.
· Why is there any question about whether Ryan Howard will play over Thome next year? If he is stuck behind Thome, everyone involved in that decision should be fired.
· After three straight UGLY losses to the Astros, I'm at least lookin' for a soft spot to land for my leap off the bandwagon.
· Why the hell would a Miami radio station give Terrell Owens a weekly spot?

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