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Friday, September 30, 2005

Looking ahead to Phils ’06

The Phils are looking for a miracle this weekend, but it's pretty much about next year. There's little left to say about the rather idiotic ramblings of WIP hosts calling for Ed Wade's head. Let's face it — they hate the guy because he's a boring interview. After the horrid start the team had, the fact that they ended up playing "meaningful baseball" on the last weekend of the season means he isn't going anywhere. Neither is Charlie Manuel.

I can live with that. Here's want I can't live with for the 2006 Phils:

· NOT having Ryan Howard play everyday (for the Phillies). If this means eating Thome contract, eat it. He's done. The fact that Wade said they'd consider trading Howard is absurd. I still don't get why he can't play the outfield (if they're hell bent on Thome playing.) Greg Luzinsky played the freakin' outfield.
· Todd Pratt and Mike Lieberthal playing regularly. Bring up whoever ya got, and move on.
· The heart of the lineup consisting of Bobby Abreau, Pat Burrell, and David Bell.
· Using Ugeth Urbina and Billy Wagner (or whoever the closer is) REGARDLESS of what's actually going on with a pitcher in a particular game.

Pick. Seattle +1.5 at Washington. Seattle's Shawn Alexander had a huge week, and Washington is a fraud.

Bird Watching. I wouldn't touch the Birds either way, possibly the rest of the way. Is Donovan McNabb officially injury prone?? Regardless, I think he should sit with Ackers through the bye. Birds lose.

Week in Review:
· One more conflicting report does have Jody MacDonald of WPEN going head-to-head against WIP's Howard Eskin when WPEN goes to all sports talk Monday. Mistake.
· Think WIP's not nervous? They're actually promoting having Eagles players on air all next week.

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