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Friday, September 23, 2005

Barry Bonds: Shut it! / NFL, Eagles Week 3

Since no one else seems willing, I'd like to tell Barry Bonds to shut the f--- up. He was pompass enough to alert the media that the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina were more important than his (I-got-the-'roids-outta-my-system) comeback.

Thanks, Barry. Way ahead of ya, big guy. So much so that the only real question you should've been asked at that press conference was "Why the hell are you blubbering about that?"

Maybe reporters don't ever ask the why-are-you-such-a-jackass question is because the answer's obvious. As Bonds chastised reporters about how much they have donated to the relief efforts, he proved how out of touch with reality he is. He proved he's dumb enough to think no one noticed he was in a room full of baseball reporters asking a baseball player questions about . . . c'mon, guess . . . baseball. He proved he's had his ass kissed so much as a baseball player that he thinks the public buys a pathetic grab at the irrelavent to deflect attention from his steroid-driven, phony, irrelavent career just because he's a baseball player.

More likely, reporters would rather be able to kiss his ass all over again when he "breaks" the home run record, and he doesn't realize he'll be remembered as a prime example of what went wrong with baseball.

Back to basics. Just one prediction for entertainment purposes only this week: K.C. +3.

Bird watching. I'm 0-fer picking the Eagles against the spread (I gave 'em 2 outta 3 Ls last year), so I'm off that for at least a week. But the Birds beat the Raiders this week.

Week in Review:
· As I type, the Phils could be one out of the Wild Card by the end of the night. While all their talk about Bowa making them too tight last year is sickening, plenty of folks need to eat some crow regardless of the outcome in nine days. WIP's Anthony Gargano is top on the list.
· Speaking of Gargano and nine days: I read that Jody Mac will be on 12-3 when WPEN goes to sportstalk on October 3. (Think they took my advice not to put him against Eskin?) With former WIP guy Tony Bruno on 9-12 (last I read), "Antny" will be a bad memory soon.

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