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Friday, September 28, 2012

One Last Slap at the NFL for Screwing Gam... er, Green Bay (and No More Picks, except probably Fantasy)

          I should probably have let this go by now, but . . . nah. I just don’t like getting my pocket picked, even on hypothetical bets. (Yeah, right.) So, if you’re actually looking for my picks post on the NFL Week 4 – which you’re not because no one ever did – see the bottom of Tuesday’s post for my final picks wrap up. Or just watch one more video illustrating how everyone except the idiot who screwed up the Monday night game knows the last play wasn’t a damn touchdown. One more thing: all the people praising Sportsbook.com for refunding losing wagers on the game are suckers. It didn’t happen for U.S. customers, which was 99% of the people wagering on the game.

          If the below video doesn’t work because I had the nerve to try to embed a non-YouTube video on Blogger – both owned by Google – see it here.

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