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Friday, September 7, 2012

Predictions for the 2012 NFL Season

          Just for fun, I have a few predictions for the 2012 NFL Season. I don’t really like long-term picks because I’m very conservative with, e’hm, my “points” that I allot to this type of entertainment. But I think I have a few decent predictions this year.


Super Bowl Matchup: Broncos vs. Packers


Sleeper Super Bowl Champion: Broncos; Denver got a playoff victory last year with Tim Tebow at quarterback, and now they have Peyton Manning. It may be the greatest upgrade at the position ever. I have to assume he’s healthy; the guy is just too smart to risk permanent problems with his neck. Denver is +5000 to win the Lombardi trophy, which makes them possibly the best bargain of the year. The problem is there’s just too many things that can derail any team over the course of a season that turns great odds into a loss, and if I actually get the matchup right, I think the Packers are just better.


Super Bowl Champion: Packers; I still don’t get how Green Bay lost to the Giants in the playoffs last year. At +500 to win it all, they’re a very tempting pick. They lost one game in the regular season last year, and last time I checked they still had Aaron Rogers taking snaps.


Eagles. Every instinct I have tells me the Birds win 10 games, maybe get a Wild Card playoff win, then get trounced in the second round of the playoffs. But every time I go through the schedule I come up with 8-8, so I’m sticking with it. Remember, this team was 4-8 last season before the pressure was off and they ran off 4 meaningless wins.


Steelers. I’m not running from anything; I gave myself a gift after last season and decided to make the Steelers my rooting interest. I literally just looked at their schedule to write this item, and I’m shocked at how easy it looks . . . if they can stay healthy. Besides the opener against Denver, two games against Baltimore, and maybe the Giants and Eagles games, I don’t see a potential loss. It’s not because I’m going crazy over the Steelers. They play some drek – the Jets, Raiders, Tennessee, which I don’t know much about, the Bengals twice, eh, Redskins, the Chiefs, Browns twice, and the Chargers, who could be good. I really have not looked at this anywhere near as closely as I did with the Eagles, but I’ll predict 12-4 – again, if they can stay (or get) healthy, especially on the offensive line.


Division winners. Giants, Packers, Saints, 49ers, in the NFC. Patriots, Steelers, Houston, Denver, in the AFC. I did this section by looking at the list of teams in each division for about 5 minutes. Houston is the one team I feel iffy on.

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