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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What might have been for Eagles fans . . .

Eagles fans can only imagine what it would have been like to have the Birds’ logo painted in the end zone of the Dallas Cowboys’ new stadium as the team prepared to play the Super Bowl while Jerry Jones could do nothing but watch. Instead, we have more embarrassing stories like the one about a defensive assistant coach who was secretly not retained (and rumors on 97.5 that he was chastised by the general manager for wearing Eagles paraphernalia at the Senior Bowl). It really makes you want to root for these idiots running the franchise, no?

Steelers fans, of course, have the pleasure of sticking it to the Cowboys yet again. Our weekly Hump Day Distraction brings more Steelers envy:

(The above photo was posted by @attcottonbowl from TweetDeck.)

I’ll admit that the headline for this post is a bit misleading. The Eagles weren’t really Super Bowl contenders at the beginning of this season. But the contentment being shown by the Eagles organization, the absolutely laughable fashion with which they are dealing with their defensive coaching staff, and the obvious comfort level Andy Reid has in his job despite being a failure at it, is absolutely enraging. Why more discontent isn’t bubbling over with this team is beyond me.

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