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Monday, January 3, 2011

Advertise with Rob Q. Ink – A Philly Sports Blog

Rob Q. Ink – A Philly Sports Blog is finding a growing following that advertisers are noticing. In just a little more than four months at the end of 2010, I placed four advertisements on the blog, and have placed a number of ads since going online in 2005.

My sports posts combine my passion for the local teams as a lifelong Philadelphia sports fan with the abilities to see beyond the emotion of fandom and an ability write well. I have experience as a freelance writer for the Inquirer, before spending several years working as an editor for a publisher. I even wrote a children’s book on Oscar De La Hoya some years ago.

My writing on the Ink frequently appeared in the Inquirer’s Blog Zone, initially under “Philly Sports Review” and later with the current name. In late 2010, I committed to blogging about sports on more of a consistent basis, which has increased the number of followers of the blog. I’m looking to move away from the pay-per-click ads, so depending on your interest level the placement of your ad could be quite high on the template.

Contact me to see if advertising on Rob Q. Ink – A Philly Sports Blog makes sense for you.

Due to changes to the Blogger Profile, there is no longer an e-mail link available to readers. At the risk of inviting spam, I am listing an address I created through Verizon on 6/5/12 here. Readers can e-mail robqink on the service just mentioned with a .net extension. I’m not spelling it out nor providing a link in what is likely a feeble attempt to avoid automatic searches picking it up for spammers. Please note that a response, if needed, will come from a different address. If you cannot figure out the address for any reason, please feel free to contact me via the Facebook or Twitter accounts for this blog. See links to those pages above on the blog template. If you are not a member of either service, feel free to leave a comment on this post as a registered member of Disqus and I should receive your message via e-mail along with an address to which I can reply. DO NOT POST YOUR CONTACT INFO IN THE COMMENT. Unfortunately, due to spammers, these are the best options I can offer. Please note: I receive comments via e-mail and spam is deleted very quickly.

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